Jeanie Shaw-Ryce

Jeanette (Jeanie) Shaw-Ryce

Jeanie Ryce is a knowledgeable practitioner in the fields of Creative Spiritual Direction, Self-healing, Healing Through Relationships, anger and grief resolution, stress management, identifying purpose and, especially, the Inner Process of Forgiveness. Jeanie, with her uncanny intuitive ability, knows how to, “touch people where it hurts,” and then, with expert guidance, support the healing of issues hidden, perhaps for lifetimes. An incredibly creative educator and guide, with a Bachelors of Psychology and 30 years of teaching experience, Jeanie has the ability to presence Love and thereby facilitate the rare occurrence of internal healing. She is powerful! Jeanie offers “Healing the Whole Woman™” and “Women Healing Woman™” residential intensives and individual workshops as well as assists her husband, dr. michael ryce, in their travel workshops and “Intensives” at HeartLand, their Self-Healing center in the Ozark mountains.

Jeanie’s background, in addition to her teaching experience, includes technical administration, customer service, public relations, management, sales and accounting. She has a reputation for having excellent computer skills and being a strong administrative support with a demonstrated technical/scientific aptitude – she is the webmaster for the websites and

Likewise, her superior skills in recording and transcribing minutes of meetings in the business world are now used in capturing what michael presents in their workshops and she is currently writing her first book.

Jeanie’s ability to handle multiple assignments simultaneously while maintaining attention to details is a compliment to their busy life. Communicating with management and clients has proven to be a valuable skill in everyday life as well. Her strengths include ingenuity, a high level of concentration, optimistic, organized and able to exercise judgment with integrity. She is assertive and self-motivated.

Introduced to this work in 2003, life took some different turns for Jeanie. Here is her Purpose Statement:

   “I now use my love for learning to search for Truth and then use my teaching skills to share my understanding with those whose path I cross. I now use my organizational/administrative abilities to serve God not man. Whether I listen or speak, work or play, wherever I go on this earth, whatever relationships are created – I will stay committed, fully aware, responsible and connected to God. I will radiate the Love in me, be a clear voice to my calling, so that my life produces a longing in others to follow in the way of Truth, to live for God, and to likewise make a difference. To have such an impact on this planet that we create the shift toward love and truth and harmony as God originally created us to live”

Jeanie has made the commitment to make the tools she teaches available to every mind on the planet and offers one-on-one support services for those who want to better understand how to turn crises into opportunity, conflict into serenity, and pain – physical, mental and emotional – into healing, aliveness and abundance. In her sessions with you, Jeanie, with clear intellectual and spiritual direction, will offer guidance in using a wide variety of actual, practical, workable tools.

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