Current 7-step Wake-up Sheet

MY REALITY = any perceptual output constructed by MY mind.
The tool for Waking Up from, and changing MY REALITY.
Premise – my Essential Nature, as Human Life, my very Being is Love (hold a ♥ Newborn ♥). The goal of this Internal Forgiveness WakeUp Sheet is to empower me to remove fear and/or hostility and return me to the direct experience of Love 24/7/365!

    My emotional upset level BEFORE 0-10

    1. A. I, who am ♥, am experiencing (identify your emotions)

    B. (Use a separate worksheet for each emotion.) Hostility and fear* are from internal corrupt data and indicate my use of sustained incoherence* to build this disturbing internal construct. My denial causes my "CBM"* to displace my experience of myself as my Essence, Love, and tells me the lie that my emotions are caused by my trigger.

    C. My story, my reality is that (name the object of attention in the 1st box and briefly what happened in the 2nd box) BREATHE! If "they" are the one with the problem why am I the one with the PAIN?

    D. The truth is only MY THOUGHTS cause my emotional upset! BREATHE! The thought(s) (a separate WakeUp Sheet for each thought) I use to cause my emotion () is

    E. I want to punish my object of attention () by

    &/or Self by

    I release and surrender myself, my emotions, my story, my thoughts and punishment to ♥
    I cancel my need to be right and make up another story out of these brain cells – to hallucinate proof that my fear/hostility based story – my reality – is true!

    2. A.Yes I choose to Love Truth and willingly face and process out all dis-ease producing energies for/from all my relations (generations)

    B. I willingly go through the PhysicalMentalEmotional symptoms of healing.

    3. My desire (the constructive result, the exact goal that drives my pained perception) is for my trigger... (BREATHE)

    4.Yes I choose ♥ my ESSENCE, which stirs the ♥ in everyone involved. (Rose & Butterfly Story)

    VIDEO: Christian the Lion (watch the behavior of the lioness at the end)

    For further explanation of canceling the goal watch this Power Point

    5. A. When upset, my perception is built out of corrupt data. The thing that drives my mind to use that particular data is my goal.

    This perception a limiting, limited picture constructed from a max of 9 bits of data out of 10,000 brain cells firing. By cancelling my goal my replicate mind’s reality collapses and gives me direct contact with the denied & dissociated parts of my CBM, which projects & blames others for its content.

    ACTION STEP: While holding Love conscious, active and present, I now choose to collapse my ‘mind’s’ lies by willingly cancelling my goal (the driver) for my trigger ()

    B. I invite
    in Aramaic - Rookha d’Koodsha*

    to incline me toward healingrestore me to my NEWBORN ESSENCE, LOVEto heal my denial
    & heal my capacity to generate my emotion of
    Help me open a direct, conscious relationship with & gently remove the denied, dissociated* & projected parts of my Carbon Based Memory

    6. A. I now feel and,

    B. about the situation listed in step #1A through E see that

    C. I ask to be shown a time when I have not fulfilled a similar goal () for myself or another

    7.A Principle of the universe is that by giving, I first get the original! I am GRATEFUL for this opportunity to heal.

    based on my goal () and this situation, I structure a truly Loving goal toward you and offer to you, ()

    I commit to Love, to living a Human Life!
    Place the initials of and cancel the goal for everyone who has not fulfilled this goal when I held it for them.


    My emotional upset level AFTER 0-10 Successful WakeUp Sheet

    *CBM – Carbon Based Memory – a cumulative, inherited multi-generational database. A storage place for skills, hostility/fear & replicate corrupt data.
    *Replicate Mind – A function of brain cell’s replaying information/images/generational content – the root of all Why Again?! & disease experiences.
    *Sustained Incoherence – see David Bohm – Denial of responsibility for distasteful results while keeping up with the thinking that creates those results.
    *Fear/Hostility – toxic energies that compromise intelligence by drawing us away from our True Nature – an indicator of sustained incoherence. An infallible indicator of dissociation pointing to the corrupt data at the root (Aramaic “oota”) of the repeating patterns output from my replicate mind.
    *Dissociation – Denial creates a hidden, separated, unchangeable (while denied) part of the mind referred to as the “unconscious,” “heart,” or “desert.”
    *Shbag,True Aramaic Forgiveness – Denial and refusal to be responsible for what happens in our lives leaves us stuck in blame, dissociation/projection and unable to change the replicate mind’s content. Shbag, translated as forgive, actually means “to cancel.” It is the keyway into and the tool that empowers correction and integrates dissociated states of mind. A daily mind cleaner, required if one chooses to live as Love & have serenity, well-being & longevity!
    *Rookha d’Koodsha – A feminine, elemental force in humans that breaks off the effect of errors and teaches truth. A force for that which is proper for humans, the denial of which leaves me in unforgiveness (- NOT unforgivable!) The “SuperProcessor” that can reach through and heal all generations.