Women Healing Women 9-day Intensive June 2019
held at HeartLand in Theodosia, MO
Women Healing Women 9-day Intensive March 2018
held in Oak Island, NC
View 1 from pool deck View 2 from pool deck
Back deck (whole group – michael’s and Jeanie’s Women Healing Women) Salt Pool
Women Healing Women Flyer
Releasing Ceremony Awesome Participants!
Whole Group at Meal Time We are Blessed
Women Healing Women 2-day Intensive June 2017
held in  Abingdon, VA
8 of 11 ladies present  Awesome Food
 Ladies processing  Alice Morris (Jeanie’s Mom)
More Processing Great Space
 Flyer  Walking the Labyrinth
Women Healing Women 4-day Intensive March 2017
held in Oak Island, NC
View 1 from pool deck View 2 from pool deck
Back view Salt Pool
Teaching Center Flyer
Jeanie captured laughing Awesome Participants!
Women Healing Women 4-day Intensive September 2016
held in Williamston, MI
Our Residence in Williamston Front drive welomes us
We will relax by the pool Backyard beckons peace
Teaching space Tranquility heals
Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3 Flyer
p1070135 p1070132
Attendees Attendees including Inka the Therapy Cat
Unveiling the Divine Women’s Retreat October 2015
held at The Inn at Pocono Manor, Pocono Mountains, PA
 airport wait1 airport wait2
waiting in the Newark airport waiting in the Newark airport
Newark pre retreat the inn
My hotel mates the night before The Inn
conference room2 buffet
conference room food / buffet
facilitators  facilitator
speakers Rev. Dorothy Wilson and Jeanie Shaw-Ryce speaker Rev. Jacqueline Atkins
Pauline_leads the_view
Pauline Broome-Webster, leader the view
tour  room
Golf Cart Tour Awesome Rooms
Unity of Pompano Women’s Retreat March 2015
held at the Duncan Center in Delray Beach, FL
P1040425 group photo
michael sent flowers 36 of the 45 ladies
P1040424 P1040427
conference room conference room
P1040428 P1040439
the orchid is my new icon Tony our Chef
bevP1040431 P1040436 P1040435
kazoo time Labyrinth or Yoga
 1st Women’s Retreat in November 2013 in Pompano Beach, FL
michael sent flowers class
michael sent flowers all 15 Ladies
process on the side2 class time
processing time class time
fresh veggies kitchen time
fresh veggies kitchen time with Lenore
rawfood1 dinner
awesome meals Dinner