Y’Shua (Jesus)

How my work follows what Y’Shua (aka Jesus) did/said…

Allow me to expand upon what I do.  Some have called me a heretic or that I am in a cult.  First, let me say that it does not matter what your belief system is … these tools work and will change your life if you will use them.

I accepted Jesus Christ (Y’Shua) as my Savior when I was 15 years old.  Through my life I have held it to be true that there is a difference in Savior and Lord.  Many people ask him to be their Savior as a “fire escape” but they never allow him to be the Lord of their life and there is a big difference.  If he is Lord then we follow him and do (to the best of our ability)  what he said to do…the fruit of our life reflects Him.  Many people call themselves Christians (means Christ like) and yet there is nothing that resembles Christ in their daily life except on Sunday.  With that being said, the workshops I do are totally based on what Jesus said we should do in order to have life abundantly.  However, the workshops are not about getting people to change their religion or even to accept Jesus as Savior – but it is based on what he taught was required for life to be full.  And everyone wants that.

I have seen people who have had terrible church experiences and they are ready to give up on God based on what some “Christian” said or did towards them. I want to reach them too not just those who believe exactly like I do.  And when people can understand that their world they create for themselves is based on what they hold within themselves and not what someone outside does – then they begin to have hope and they eventually turn back to their true nature which is Love.  This work is like when Jesus spoke in parables – telling a story with an earthly meaning and the people would actually be getting something with a heavenly meaning.  It is kind of like sneaking in the back door…but it is all based in what Jesus said.

It is theology – from the Aramaic (which was Jesus’ original language).  In Aramaic there are some things that are backwards than what we have been taught.  Like forgive as to your brother – remove the things you blame on your brother … he who judges another is guilty of the same practice.  It is not about letting the other person off the hook for whatever they did that triggered one’s own emotions.  He said take up your cross and follow me – our cross is whatever in our world keeps us separated from Love (from God and from the being God created us to be).  This cross may be great fear for one person, terrible anger for another, guilt or shame for another.  That is the cross we need to look at and be done with.  It is not always an easy task.  Paul said why is it the things that I would do I can’t and the things I would not do is what I do?  It is because it is all inside…if that is never removed (forgiven) then it will continue to repeat in our lives.  We run on an automatic decision system most of the time instead of conscious choice.

It is physics – like resonance or a tuning fork – we draw in what is the same frequency we hold.  And besides bringing the same experience to us repeatedly, it also becomes our physical diseases (so this is also physiology).  God does not want us to destroy ourselves, so he sends us what we need (not what we say we want) in order to give us the opportunity to heal.  If I hold fear I will draw to me angry people and situations that will resonate my fear until I release (forgive) my fear.  Then I will draw in a totally different experience.

It is psychology and science – how we generate hormones linked to emotions and when those are triggered the flood of hormones repeats.  The effect on our mind and body is enormous.  Jesus said what he did we can do and greater and yet most people don’t really believe that.  During a terrible storm Peter asked Jesus to call him to walk to him on the water and he did walk on water as long as his focus was on Jesus and where he was going but when he started to look at the storm he sank.  Our life can be a total storm and yet if we have nothing less than love in us we can be content and walk on water (literally or figuratively) keeping our focus on the path before us but if we begin to look at the circumstances we begin to sink and despair and other emotions come forward.  The work is removing what is in the way, and in staying focused and to follow the path Jesus laid before us.  One of the most difficult things is to understand that we do it to ourselves and we can undo it – I help people learn how to undo the garbage.  All of this is also not on our own – God placed the Holy Spirit (Rookha d’Koodsha) within us to guide us and teach us.  But we are not puppets, we have free will, we can choose to stay in the mess and be unforgiving or we can ask the Holy Spirit to assist us in doing what we need to do to clean it up.  If we don’t ask then we are left stuck in unforgiveness – we can’t do it on our own.

Jesus said more than to just call on him – he gave us a task to do.  Faith without works is dead.  Salvation is by faith through grace and not of ourselves – it is a gift of God not of works BUT he also gave a commandment to love our enemies, to teach others to observe all things he commanded, to get rid of whatever causes you to sin (sin in Aramaic means off the mark – an energy that is less than love), and many more.  He gave the example of removing everything from within that could keep him from rebuilding his structure after the crucifixion – he did this in the garden when he prayed and sweat blood.   He stepped forth from the garden totally connected to the Father.

It is genetics and DNA – we carry the sins of the fathers (3 to 4 generations) in our bodies – our carbon based memories – and it pops up when triggered out of its own volition – not that we want to repeat those patterns but it is what we learn.

So….just because I don’t teach specifically with Bible verses and such (I can but I don’t) …. I do teach what my Lord said to teach and I see miracles happen in people’s lives when they realize there is hope.  From there they make the choice to search deeper into their own process to find God.

It is fine for anyone to disagree with me.  But the bottom line is, use the tools and see if it works.   I promise it does.

A belief I hold true is that if two or more are gathered there is strength.  When stuff is up in my face I can’t always remain in a connected space with the Love of God foremost but if another person (who is not emotionally linked to my issue) can hold the space of love active for me then I can heal.  This workshop is women only and together we hold the space for each other and create the atmosphere for real healing to take place.  Not taking credit for the healing itself but responsible for being part in it.  And we must Heal the Whole Woman to truly heal – body, mind, spirit and soul.

My work follows my purpose in life which is …

I now use my deep devotion to my family & friends to be supportive, enjoy time together; listening and sharing. I will nourish and comfort others as I create a safe space for healing to happen. I will use my writing abilities to produce a book that shares my experiences of healing and expresses the potential and hope to others.  I now use my love for learning to search for Truth and then use my teaching skills to share my highest understanding with those whose paths I cross.  I now use my intuition (my inner tutor) to follow in the way of peace.  I will stay committed, fully aware, responsible and connected to God. I will radiate the Love in me, be a clear voice to my calling, so that my life produces a longing in others to follow in the way of Truth, to join me on the path, to likewise make a difference.  I will use my organizational and administrative skills in accord with this purpose. To have such an impact on this planet that we create the shift where we all experience our BEING (Love) and live in truth and harmony as God originally planned.

I am a Christian and I do my best to show the love of God and if I am falling short then I do want to be held accountable and while my workshops can and do lead people toward God that is not my primary purpose.  I offer tools for letting go of patterns that destroy lives, explain how to relieve stress, offer a way to find one’s purpose on this earth, how to work through relationships, and how this energy system we call a physical body works with the mind and spirit.  Just like my friend who works in Human Resources reflects Christ in her life, her job in HR is not to bring people to salvation but to lead them in how to fulfill their job, to satisfy work related disagreements, etc.  If she guides someone towards God in the process then that is a big plus.

Love & Blessings, Jeanie