The history behind the Healing the Whole Woman™ workshops and  intensives:

In 2004, I started a MindShifters Support Group in Johnson City, TN teaching ‘the tools.’  I facilitated that group for over a year before going on the road full time with michael in 2006.  Since that time I have assisted in both our travel workshops and intensives and shortly thereafter I began offering private one-on-one sessions with people.  I never imagined leading my own intensive workshop but Healing the Whole Woman™ had begun within myself.

In 2010, during a breath session in an intensive in Brooksville, FL, I re-experienced what felt like a “past life” or perhaps it was just a “generational issue” that had never been faced.  Either way it was life changing.  In the vision I was a Native American child captured by white men and used as trade (sexual means).  The torture and abuse was mental and physical.  I began to see how it related to this lifetime, I got married at 16 years old and found myself in a physically abusive situation that I remained in for 3-years. What was the root of this pattern?  How could I ever face the torment again to heal it? I had successfully hidden it from my family and even denied much of it to myself, pretending it did not matter any more as almost 35 years had gone by without seeing the ‘person’ ever again. Then, I began working with a course titled “The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse…” by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis.  I was facing my own internal, denied demons that I never spoke about.  I was now allowing myself to dig deeper and begin to heal.

Then in March 2013, we were touring Florida and michael received word that his Mom (Jessie Ryce) was in the process of transitioning out of this world.  He flew to Canada to spend the last days with her and the gift she gave me was a push in the direction of my purpose.  I conducted the last two workshops that we had scheduled that week in St. Petersburg and was energized beyond words.  The following week we began a 9-day intensive in Palm Coast, FL and I participated more vocally than before, sharing some of what I was working through.  Afterwards some of the ladies came to me and asked if I would consider doing an all women’s intensive, saying they would liked to have discussed some issues but did not feel comfortable in front of the mixed crowd.  Coincidence?  I think Divine Order!

(Jeanie Shaw-Ryce, dba Mind, Heart & Being)

May 2013, I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my degree in Psychology.  So many of my papers during the past three years had been around my own psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical healing process. We teach best what we most need to learn, right?  Those papers are soon to become my first book.

November 2013, after further strong encouragement, I held my first Healing the Whole Woman™ series as a 4-day residential intensive in Pompano Beach, FL.   There were 15 ladies and the processing was so great that when it came to having 4 hours of free time on the second day they requested more class instead of free time.  I told them they actually came there for my healing.  It was powerful.

I have now presented workshops at churches, conducted individual classes, presented at the Bristol VA/TN YWCA, to a mental health facility’s women’s group, in the Broward County women’s prison, several times in a private doctor’s office as well as doing private sessions.  I do business as “Mind, Heart & Being”

March 2015, I facilitated Unity of Pompano’s Annual Women’s Retreat, with 44 ladies.  The feedback has been great, including one lady who wrote,  “Thank you for all the knowledge and tools, it helped me reconnect with my mom.  I have not seen her in over 10 yrs and she is making a trip down to Florida the end of April, so I will have the opportunity to spend some time with her!  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!”  These changes are worth all the time and effort in the world! I am blessed.

For the first time, April 17-25, 2015, I facilitated a 9-day Healing the Whole Woman™ residential intensive in Orlando, FL.  Simultaneously while michael did a 9-day Why intensive at the same location.

October 2015, I was one of three facilitators for a 4-day women’s retreat at The Inn in Pocono Mountains, PA, with 45 women.  This was sponsored by Universal Truth Center in Miami, FL. The theme was “Unveiling the Divine: A Journey Within” and my segments were perfectly aligned with this work of Healing the Whole Woman™  1) Opening: Unveiling the Divine 2) Dismantling self imposed barriers to our Divinity 3) What will we take on our journey?  4) Closing: Keep the Divine Embers Glowing (You are the Light).

September 2016, I held another Healing the Whole Woman™ series as a 4-day residential intensive in Williamston, MI.   There were 10-13 ladies present during the weekend. Very powerful processing with some powerful women.

March 2017, Women Healing Women 4-day residential intensive in Oak Island, NC had 12 ladies processing at an unprecedented level.

June 2017,  a 2-day Women Healing Women residential  intensive in historical Abingdon, VA had 11 ladies working through genetic issues.  I was blessed with my Mom being at this intensive (especially as Mom passed 3 months later).

March 2018, a 9-day Women Healing Women residential  intensive in Oak Island, NC running simultaneously with michael doing a 9-day Why Again intensive.  A small group of 4 ladies who moved through a massive amount of Carbon-Based Memory to arrive at BEING LOVE.  We joined michael’s group for meals and breathing but separated for class and processing.  The summer at HeartLand was cancelled after the Food, Fun, Forgiveness & Work Program and we traveled to Bristol, VA in mid-August to assist my father who had developed health issues and to be present for the birth and dedication of grand-daughter Arya Reign Shaw.

The rest is history being written.  I cancelled the 9-day Women Healing Women intensive (originally scheduled for June 2019 at HeartLand in Theodosia, MO).  I remained in Bristol, VA assisting Dad and keeping Arya while michael returned to HeartLand for the Summer Season.

2020 we saw the Covid pandemic and our travel ceased and HeartLand closed until further notice.

2023 my Dad passed away.  We chose to remain in Bristol, VA as our home and we continue taking care of Arya 2-3 days a week.

We have been conducting online intensives over the past 3 years and I am considering doing a women’s intensive. Let me know if you would be interested.

Healing the Whole Woman™ (or man for that matter) we must look at all sides of our make-up.  The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual connection makes up the whole being.  What impacts one area impacts all.  I am finding the courage to heal and I want to empower other women to do the same.

Thank you and Blessings.