Take control of Your Health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

Physical Health – Eat healthy, preferably a more plant-based diet (start sprouting, fermenting, including raw instead of cooked). Drink lots of pure water (distilled is my choice). Exercise daily even if it is simply walking. Get a proper amount of good, restful sleep. Let go of drugs: alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, junk food, anger.

Mental Health – You have the ability to change your mind through Aramaic forgiveness – not pardoning. You can even change family dynamics, DNA, genetics. Remove yourself from life experiences or situations that are threatening (trauma and abuse).

Emotional Health – Learn to be the Actor apart from the Action, Observe what happens and take opportunities to respond instead of re-act (doing an act again). Catch yourself and process the e-motions (energy in motion). Let go of self-judgment. Stress Management. Have fellowship and community – nobody can go this walk alone.

Spiritual Health – Truly know your beliefs, principles and morals and stand for something or you will fall for anything. The Creator is Love and we are told we are made in that image, Love is our very essence – who we are – BEING. Understand there is a higher power that can handle what you can’t. In Aramaic it says there is an elemental force just for humans that will guide us and teach us Truth (called Rukha d’Khoodsha, the Greeks translated as Holy Spirit).