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Let’s start this with a situation I have seen in many people I have worked with, women especially, referred to as Learned Helplessness.  Learned helplessness is the attitude that comes from deep within one’s belief about themselves; that they do not have the ability to change their situation. It can lead to depression, dependency, anxiety, and fear. Some people believe this is learned as a child and then as an adult they pretend to remain helpless. I believe it goes beyond pretending, for the person in this position their reality is that they truly are helpless. Although their reality may not be accurate for them it is real.  Have you found yourself in learned helplessness?  Do you want to change?  It is possible.


Someone asked me, “What do you mean by ‘Healing Crisis or Disease Process’ and ‘reality formation systems’ in the description of your intensive/retreat material. Can you explain a little?”

My response: “We are made in the image of God and God is Love – that is the stuff we are made of. We are energy beings – any energy we put in that is ‘less than love’ creates symptoms in our physical bodies…called a disease process. What most people don’t realize is that when we get vital enough to heal the energy moves out of us and creates symptoms that look the same as they did when they went in. If we are not aware of this we will think we are ‘sick’ again. That is a ‘healing crisis’ or the healing process if you like. The second one – the reality formulation systems – there is an actuality (what is going on in the world) and then there is our own reality (what is going on between our ears) and our realities are formulated at an early age with a Power Person (usually a parent) and some realities are genetic. If we don’t understand how they are formed then we are unconsciously run by those dynamics. We can be empowered when we can change our realities and then be in charge of our own creation.
Hope that helps…there will be a lot of information given that is new to most people but it will empower these women to a new level if they are willing to go there.”

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