8 or 9-Day

What is covered in an 8-day or 9-day event?

 Why Is This Happening To Me … AGAIN?!
 Responsibility Communication
 CoDependence / Power Person
 Healing Through Relationships
 Purpose, Personal Power, Commitment
 Empowered To Heal
 Hands on Energy Field Work
 MindShifters & StillPoint Breathing

Learn simple and fun stress management techniques. Cultivate physical, mental, emotional & spiritual connectedness.  Explore the differences between dis-ease and healing. Release guilt, fear, anger and shame and open to what lives on the other side. Explore human possibilities using the inner principles of Forgiveness, Shifting Perception and Personal Empowerment. A wide array of tools is provided. Insight, knowledge and support to empower you to end recurring life patterns and consciously recreate your life! End projection and free up creativity to bring higher levels of aliveness. Learn the principles behind how we create our lives. Explore realistic, practical tools for transforming dysfunction into wholeness through relationship! Be introduced to the concept of the “Power Person” that is at the root of the personality and your reality formation systems. Learn to undo that which tends to unconsciously rule your behavior. Discover workable methods for discovering your Life Purpose. Grasp the energetic principles of and shift dis-ease dynamics to healing processes. Hands-on experience of aligning the body. Access and release deep unconscious dynamics through the tools of Mindshifters and StillPoint Breathing. This intensive is geared to do deep, process oriented work in a short time. Move into the delight and aliveness that is your birthright!  Be part of this powerful and transforming getaway!