Reality Management


The perceptual output of MY mind.


The tool for changing MY REALITY.

Premise - our Essential Nature, as Human Beings, is Love (think ❤ newborn ❤). The work of healing is to remove anything that is unlike our True Nature so that we come back to the experience of Love 24/7/365!

1. A. I, who am ❤, have, through denial, trained my CBM* to show me the lie that my feelings and my giving up the experience of my essence, Love, are caused by my trigger

- name the object of your attention - who or what are you focused on?
B .

D. My feelings, resonated by this situation (all
hostility and fear is from internal corrupt data)

E. My thought(s) that cause my feeling(s) about how I see it.

F. I want to punish/avoid by

2. I choose to Love Truth and willingly go through the
physical/mental/emotional symptoms of healing.

3. I, ❤, want #1B to: (state, in positive words, your exact goal for #1B)

so that I can

4. I choose to reconnect to my ORIGINAL BEING, ❤ instead
of my upset. (Rose/butterfly story)

5. A. In order to collapse my false reality, be liberated
from my hostility/fear*, get back to my actual mind and the Truth
about me and my object of attention, I cancel (in Aramaic - Shbag*)

C. Describe what happened (my reality)

my Goal for #1B to (copy exactly from #3)

5. B. I invite
(in Aramaic - Rookha d’Koodsha*)
to incline me toward healing Yes,
restore me to my Original Nature, LOVE Yes,
assist me in keeping LOVE present Yes,
help me come into direct, conscious relationship with & remove
the dissociated* /projected parts of my CBM Yes.

6. I now feel
and, about the situation in #1 see that

When have you violated that goal #3 for yourself or others?

7. #1B I acknowledge us for creating TRUTH, PERFECT LOVE and

(structure a loving goal toward #1B)

*CBM - Carbon Based Memory - The source of all hostility/fear, a cumulative generational data bank from the past.
*Fear/Hostility - toxic energies that draw us away from our True Nature - always an indicator of hallucinations. They are infallible indicators of dissociation and point to the corrupt data at the root (in Aramaic “oota”) of the output of the mind.
*True Forgiveness - Shbag - Translated as forgive, actually means “to cancel.” The tool that, in Aramaic, reconnects us directly with, corrects and integrates dissociated states of mind, previously seen only through projection and caused by denial and refusal to be responsible for what happens in our lives. A daily requirement if one chooses to achieve well-being and longevity
*Rookha d’Koodsha - A feminine, elemental force in humans that breaks off the effect of errors and teaches us truth. A force for that which is proper for humans, the denial of which leaves us in unforgiveness (- not unforgivable!) The “SuperProcessor.”
*Dissociation - A result of denial, a separated part of the mind often referred to as the “unconscious,” “heart,” or “desert.”

The Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Connections – the Whole Being!