Name That “Drag-on” & “Cling-on”

…The “Drag-on” & “Cling-on”-detection…
Emotion-finding, Power-creating Game…

Something has happened. You are not happy about it. Unravel the problem (and score points) by playing NAME THAT “DRAG-ON”. Sometimes feelings seem like fiery “drag-ons” waiting to GET YOU. So you stamp them down. How can you get the “drag-ons” great power? Accepting your “drag-ons” is The Way of Power.


1. Fill in as many blanks __________________________ as you can and score your points (must put a comma between your answers).

2. The points will be totaled automatically in the boxes             

Remember to breathe! Breathing is the key to your Energy System!


    A. Who did it?

    B. What did they do? (Describe situation objectively):

    C. NAME THOSE “DRAG-ONS”! List any & all the feelings you have about this situation or person. Breathe after each feeling to find the next one. Use the actual names of feelings like anger, sadness, fear, etc. (If you experience a judgmental “feeling” like guilt, fault or blame, put it in both C & D since only part of it is a feeling. The judgmental parts are thoughts):

    Score 1 point for each feeling. POINTS:

    D. NAME THOSE “CLING-ONS”! List your thoughts, beliefs, or judgments about this situation or person : (Really go for it! Say what you think!)

    Score 1 point for each thought. POINTS:

    E. List your punishing thoughts about this situation or person : (Like….what I’d like to do to them … be explicit!)

    Score 1 point for each punishing thoughts. POINTS:


    F. If I’m denying my feelings, I’m denying my power & giving it away. To get my power back, I must accept & express my feelings. BREATHE for each feeling. Say: “I feel for each feeling listed in above. When you fully accept your feelings, they can change.

    Yes Score 2 points for saying each feeling if done out loud.


    G. Judgments & thoughts (“cling-ons”) lock my feelings (“drag-ons”) in prison and sentence me to repeat difficult experiences over & over. Break out of the prison! Release all thoughts of guilt, fault & blame. Say “ I release the thought that for each thought in .

    Yes Score 2 points for saying each thought if done out loud.


    H. This event may be linked to earlier events in my life. Breathe & Remember! I recall when I was accused of . Who might have thought this about me?

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    I. I recall when was done to me. Who did this to me?

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    BREATHE!!            TOTAL POINTS PAGE 1:

    You’ve made it to page 2, CONGRATULATIONS!!


    J. YesThe truth is safe to feel. When I deny my feelings, I deny a true part of myself. This hurts & then I blame others or even my own emotions for the hurt. It’s really the suppression of these feelings that hurts. When I stop blaming anyone (even myself) and feel my feelings, pain is relieved & I get more powerful.

    I want to be more powerful. Score 5 points. POINTS:

    K. Yes I structure the realities in my mind and I am the cause of my pain. If I’m in pain, my thinking is in error. My temporary low energy and negativity will surface and are safe to feel and release. These conditions are temporary if I breathe and release them.

    I want to feel better. Score 5 points. POINTS:

    L. What did I want to happen in situation instead of what did happen? (use positive upbeat language)

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    M. I am Love. I am not upset for the reason I think. Denying my feelings is the main cause of my pain and upset. My error? A mistaken goal. I made this goal
    more important than staying connected to Love.

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    N. Why is this happening to me again? I project my issues onto other people because my denied emotions (“drag-ons”) and hidden thoughts (“cling-ons”) attract experiences to me like invisible magnets. Letting go of my judgments reduces the chance of more copies of this experience happening. I let go of the thought that I need to be right …(or wrong).

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    O. Yes I pardon you for not meeting my goal of “what I thought you should do”.

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    P. Yes I cancel my demand for

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    Q. Call your Help-Line. I invite (put your “Creative-Force” word here – like God, Higher Power, Holy Spirit, Inner BEING, etc.) to help me get unstuck, set myself free, bring me new understandings, and .(Ask for what else you want from this helper.)

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    R. Yes As I accept my “drag-ons” (feelings), I take back my power that I was giving away. I see that I am responsible for my life, actions & feelings. YES!

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    S. Yes I release my “cling-ons” (judgments) of you . I see that you are responsible for your life, actions & feelings. YES!

    Score 5 points. POINTS:

    T. Now I feel

    Score 5 points for each new feeling. POINTS:

    U. Now describe how you see the situation regarding

    Score 5 points for each new realization. POINTS:

    V. And I now decide to create a new goal for
    myself and

    Score 5 points for each decision. POINTS:

    BREATHE!!            TOTAL POINTS PAGE 2:

    You’ve made it to page 3, CONGRATULATIONS!!


    W. I am grateful for this chance to experience and feel a hidden part of myself.

    YesIf True Say YES!

    Score 10 points. POINTS:

    X. Feeling is Healing. I see that when I neglect my feelings, I turn them into angry, fire-breathing “drag-ons”. When I set them free, they turn from “drag-ons” into powerful forces ready to help me in my life. As I feel, I heal! Because I am learning from my feelings instead of ignoring them, I can now create what I want in my life. I choose to accept more & more responsibility for my feelings and actions. I pardon myself for not accepting these parts of myself before.

    YesIf True Say YES!

    Score 10 points. POINTS:

    Y. I use this experience with you as an
    opportunity to heal and bring me peace, power, freedom and new understandings.

    YesIf True Say YES!

    Score 10 points. POINTS:

    Z. HOORAY! I MADE IT TO THE END!!! Score 10 points for
    finishing the game!


    BREATHE!!            TOTAL POINTS PAGE 3:

    The “drag-on’s” fire became power in my heart!
    Points page 1+ Points page 2+ Points page 3= Total Points

    Discover your “Drag-on Detection” IQ     (check your score here)

    • 0 (won’t play).............. roadkill
    • 1-40..................... a slug
    • 41-80.................... a pretty rock
    • 81-120................... a gnat
    • 121-140.................. an intelligent lizard
    • 141-160.................. a wise walrus
    • 161-180.................. a soaring eagle
    • 181-200.................. White Lightening!
    • Over 200................. Greased White Lightening!

    This process works. The secret is to express your feelings & release your thoughts and judgments and goals.
    Find & make friends of your “drag-ons” &“cling-ons”.
    Remember who you are!

    The original NAME THAT DRAGON game was designed by Daniel & JJ Lyman.
    Adapted from the “Reality Management
    Worksheets” by dr. michael ryce.

    Please, share, live teach and support this work freely!

    Your support is appreciated!

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